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October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

52d1632c40b579111b4e3ea8f19283acPMFAS encourages everyone to "Make your house a home, adopt a shelter dog!" Each year in the US, millions of people find a devoted best buddy at their local shelter. PMFAS encourages everyone to "Make Adoption Your First Option." We hope that everyone will think first of their local shelter to find their new best friend.

There are many good reasons to consider adopting a dog, in October or at any time of the year. Dogs can be loyal companions that make a big difference in your world as a best friend, an exercise buddy for walking, hiking, boating, a pal that can be trained to provide animal-assisted therapy, or simply a sweet, fuzzy face to greet you each morning and evening after a hard day at work.

PMFAS takes in scores of adoptable dogs each year that come to us through no fault of their own. Each dog is medically evaluated and a behavior assessment is done to determine the dog’s unique attributes and characteristics. These profiles help potential adopters determine which dog best suits their personality and lifestyle.

There is also a significant misperception that shelters only have “mutts” (mixed breed dogs) available and that purebred dogs are never available for adoption. This is hardly the case! Nationwide, shelters report that anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of dogs received are purebreds. Additionally, literally hundreds of purebred rescue groups focus solely on taking in and adopting out specific breeds. Like shelters, many rescue groups are made up of dedicated volunteers who usually work hand-in-hand with local shelters to house, care for and carefully place purebreds in new, hopefully permanent, homes. For prospective dog owners who are interested in a particular breed, rescue groups provide an alternative to breeders, animal shelters and pet shops. For more information about specific shelters or specific breeds, visit www.petfinder.com. You can search by locality, by shelter, by breed, age, and gender to find your new best friend.

Why not visit PMFAS during the month of October to see how you can add a new furry friend to your family? You can always find us on Facebook or see who needs a home by visiting http://awos.petfinder.com/shelters/VT09.html

If you don’t think a dog is a good addition at this time, we have some puurrr-ty loving cats that would add special warmth to your home this winter.
We welcome you! All our furry friends at the shelter look forward to seeing you. Remember, when it comes to adding a new canine or feline member to your family, “Adopt! Don’t shop.”



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