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September is National Senior Pet Health Awareness Month

Is your pet growing old gracefully...?

Just like older people, senior pets also need special care and attention. With continually improved technology available to them, veterinarians can take a very proactive approach to help maintain your older pet’s good health. Laboratory tests and health screenings can detect problems in very early stages so that treatment can be started before a disease progresses too far. Therefore, it gets increasingly important to assure that your pet has a wellness check and physical exam with the vet of your choice. The longer a problem remains undetected, the more serious the outcome can be.

Adopting a senior pet is one of the most wonderful things you can do – not only for them, but for yourself also! Sometimes it feels like society doesn’t always have a lot of respect for older things or beings. With so much emphasis on how “important” it is to have the latest car, computer, or gadget, sometimes we forget the wonderful wisdom that age can bring. Many shelter volunteers will tell you that they are completely convinced that if more people knew how amazing it is to rescue, foster and share their life with a senior pet, senior pets wouldn’t spend so much time in so many shelters. While it is true that senior dogs and cats are likely to spend less time with their human families than younger pets would, the time that they do have can easily be measured in terms of great quality. It’s a matter of quality over quantity when adopting a senior pet! 

It’s also important to remember that often senior dogs and cats in shelters are there through no fault of their own. Sometimes their humans, also elderly, may have moved to a care facility that doesn’t accept pets. Or sometimes their humans may have encountered serious economic hardships and could no longer afford to care for their beloved pet, particularly an older pet with possible special needs. Sadly, we’ve all heard of cases where an older pet simply became unwanted and was left at a local shelter.

As at many shelters, at any time of the year, PMFAS always has a number of senior dogs and cats that would love to find their own loving, caring forever home for their golden years. Visit us on petfinder.com to see our senior fur-babies. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one and become that caring forever home!

Thinking about adopting a seinior pet? Check out our adoptable senior pets located in Orleans, VT below.

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