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Lost your pet? Here's what to do:

What to do When You Lose Your Pet

Recently, we’ve become aware of a number of incidents where pets have become separated from their homes and families. At PMFAS, we’re aware that this can be an especially fearful and anxiety-producing time for families.

At PMFAS, we like to help by putting up a poster in the shelter, and posting the information on our Facebook page. However, there are a number of other things that you can do relatively quickly and easily to get the word out that your four-footed family member is missing and you want him back as soon as possible!

  • Put up posters in your local stores! The best results come from picture posters. Use brightly colored neon poster board that attracts attention. Use a clear picture and lettering that’s big, simple and easy to read.
  • Call your local town clerk or animal control officer and those in surrounding towns to let them know that your pet is missing. All stray dogs go directly to the A.C.O. of each town and are held for a few days.
  • Call your friends and neighbors and let them know how to get in touch with you.
  • Call the local veterinarians to see if your pet has been brought in for an injury.
  • If you’re familiar with and regularly use social media, post the information on Facebook and other similar media and ask that the information be shared, to get the word out far and wide. Make sure there’s information about how to reach you. Surprisingly, animals can travel quite a distance, getting further and further away from home. It’s important that anyone who might spot your pet knows how to get in touch with you.
  • When your four-footed friend is found and returns home, consider getting him/ her micro-chipped. Call your local veterinarian or shelter about how this simple procedure can be done
  • Make it a regular practice to keep your dog’s rabies, license and name tags on his collar and be sure he’s wearing the collar when you’re both out and about. There are a number of things that can scare your dog into running – like thunder or fireworks. With collar and updated, readable tags, it will be easier for your dog to be returned to you if he should become separated.

Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter in Orleans, Vermont has placed hundreds of homeless animals over the years. Like any shelter, we enjoy finding forever homes for homeless animals. We also enjoy being able to return local lost animals to their families. Following the action steps above makes it easier to do this. Always make the safety of your pet a priority!

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