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Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter

Meet the Shelter Manager and Staff


We’re proud to introduce our Shelter Manager, Amy Mariotti, and staff member, MaryKate Lathari.

     We welcomed Amelia (Amy) Mariotti to her new role of Shelter Manager in November 2012.  Previously, Amy was the Assistant Manager at PMFAS for three years. While she is originally from southern New England, Amy has been residing in VT for over 10 years. With a long time interest in working with animals, she gained experience in animal care and behavior by working for several years as a veterinarian assistant and a kennel/ grooming assistant. In addition to college courses completed in Connecticut, Amy successfully completed course requirements of Animal Behavior College and holds a certification in dog training. Amy feels that her work at PMFAS is right for her as she enjoys working with both animals and people. It’s interesting and fascinating to help match up the right animal with the right human. She sums it up this way, “Working at the shelter brings both animal and people relations together!”

     MaryKate Lathari is also a valuable person on staff at the shelter. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, MaryKate arrived in VT in 2010 when her husband finished his medical residency and accepted a position in the area. Naturally, they took along their four cats! With a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University, MaryKate taught First Grade for ten years while living in PA. After she and her husband settled in this area, she worked as a substitute teacher and volunteered many hours with various community organizations, including PMFAS. “I found working with the shelter animals so rewarding and I felt such a special love for them,” reports MaryKate. With this philosophy, MaryKate joined the shelter staff in the fall of 2014 on a part time basis and continues her volunteer work. “What I like best is seeing the amazing transformation in these animals' lives. They all come from different circumstances and with individual needs. These animals get a second chance at life because of what we do every day. I especially enjoy working with the shy ones - the animals that really need to be taken under someone's wing - working on socialization and helping them to trust.  Eventually, once they feel safe and secure, many will start to seek out attention on their own, which helps their chances of getting adopted.  I simply love being part of that process!”

     Thank you, MaryKate, for expressing it so accurately! We feel certain that your words apply to all those involved with the shelter. They are so giving of their time, expertise and energy. We think it’s safe to say that we all share in your well-expressed philosophy!

     With a strong combination of dedication, commitment, knowledge of animal care, and lots of love for all the animals, Amy and MaryKate are a fine team at the shelter. Together with the skills and talents of many volunteers who help out on a regular basis, it’s clear that the health and welfare of all the dogs and cats at PMFAS are a top priority. Thank you to staff and volunteers for all you do!  

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